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Mr J. Holland  Acting Principal

Mr J. Holland - Acting Principal

I would like to extend a warm 2018 welcome to all our parents, and a special welcome to our new parents who have joined the Normies family for the first time. I hope your experiences will live up to your expectations and that it will reaffirm your good decision to send your child to Norman Henshilwood.

Our school prides itself in our brand and how we would like to project our school to the public. It is therefore important that learners are school-ready in every sense. Girls' dresses must be a hand's width above the knees. Skinny trousers are NOT allowed for the boys. Dyed hair (girls and boys) need to be restored. Transgression in this regard will be dealt with as stated in the Code of Conduct. Discipline in dress code leads to discipline in other areas - pride in your uniform leads to pride in your school. Apart from academics, we want to equip our learners with discipline and pride; values that will stand our learners in good stead in the future.

We will continue to strive for academic excellence and continue to challenge learners and educators to realise their full potential, academically, socially and within their extra mural activities. We celebrate our 50th birthday this year! Planning is well under way to celebrate this momentous occasion in true Normies style! Watch this space for further details...

I cannot stress enough how important parental support is. Support your child, support the teacher, support Norman Henshilwood. Home is where our children learn to be organised, learn to be honest and learn to show respect. We, as educators, will reinforce the education that our children receive at home from their parents. I urge you to take an active interest in what your child is doing. Know who their friends are, encourage them to participate in the sport and extra curricular activities, be firm and consistent in dealing with situations that require your authority. We have your child's best interest at heart and can ensure you of our best intention at all times.

To our Matric parents, get ready for a bumper 2018. It is a tough ride but worth all the effort, blood sweat and tears. This is YOUR year, grab the bull by its horns and tackle it head-on !

On a personal note, thank you for supporting me. I hope that I can count on your support for 2018. The success of the school is very important to me and I am proud to be given the opportunity to lead the school. After 20 years at Normies, I am still passionate, loyal and extremely proud to be here.

Best wishes.

Kind Regards

J Holland

Acting Principal 

We welcome 5 new educators to Norman Henshilwood.

Mr Dimitri Africa : Geography and Life Orientation

Ms Olivia Groenewald : Life Sciences

Mr Igshaan Majiet : Afrikaans

Mr Theo Valentyn : Maths

Mr Robin Falken : Sports Administrator.

We wish our new staff well and trust that their stay will be beneficial to our learners, the school and to themselves.

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Norman Henshilwood High School

An exceptional day with the young men and women who are leaving us wonderful memories and preparing for the final exams. "Normies" are a proud family - live your dream, go and make the world a better place because you can, you will and you want to! ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Norman Henshilwood High School

Our Eco Action Club members have been busy caring for the environment:

Beach cleanup on 15 September 2018, hosted by CTEET and partners where 15 Norman Henshilwood learners and a parent assisted in cleaning up Sunrise Circle beach, Muizenberg to commemorate WORLD Cleanup Day.
1 Day, 150 countries, millions of volunteers.
Learners were divided into groups and each group walked along the beach to pick up litter.
An app (clean swell) was used to do an audit of how much of each item they picked up, e.g. straws, cigarette buds, plastic forks, etc
Prizes (e.g. books on birds, pencil bags) were allocated to teachers and learners who answered a few questions on unusual items picked up on the beach.

9:30-12:00 CLEAN UP at PRINCESS VLEI in conjunction with CTEET and Princess Vlei Forum.
Litter was picked up while enjoying a guided walk.
Planting of new fynbos at the vlei.
Brief history was given by Khoisan members to educate learners on the history of the Princess Vlei and how it links up with the other vlei’s around in Southern suburbs.
In one of our Thursday School council assemblies, PLASTIC POLLUTION was highlighted to commemorate Oceans Day. A short video clip was played as well.
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