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Academic Performance


Norman Henshilwood Matric 2016 100℅ Pass, 92℅ Bachelor’s 👌

All praise to Almighty God for His patience and love. As well as His favour.

211 wrote. 211 passed. 194 achieved bachelors passes. A further 15 pupils missed bachelors by a few percentiles in one subject.

Top pupil: William Crake 9 distinctions (did two extra subjects independently of any teacher!) (ex-Kirstenhof Primary School) achieved 9 distinctions (English Home Language; Afrikaans FAL; Life Orientation; Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Life Sciences; Geography; Business Studies; Accounting). William has been offered a place to study medicine at Stellenbosch University or BSc. Mechtronics at UCT.

2nd place: Brittany Jales 7 distinctions

3rd place: Roxanne Botha 7 distinctions

4th place: Siphokuhle Mabika 7 distinctions

5th place: Kayleigh Petersen 6 distinctions

Highest marks: Michaela Kleintjies 97 % Visual Art; Chelsea Leibrandt 96 % Economics: Bianca Earl History 94 %; Afrikaans Courtney James 91 %; English William Crake 88 %; Geography William Crake 92 %; Life Sciences Siphokuhle Mabika 92 %; Mathematics Roxy Botha 91 %; Mathematical Literacy Kade George 91 %;  Physical Sciences Roxy Botha 87 %; Accounting Sindrino Matthews 87 %; Design Siphokuhle Mabika 91 %; Business Studies Brittany Jales 93 %; LO Chelsea Leibrandt 92 %

11 A aggregates
70 B aggregates
85 C aggregates

Congrats Class of 2016. Congrats teachers. Congrats Catherine McEvoy and Justin Fillmore our counsellors for your incredible psychological services. I know what you did behind the scenes in the Counselling Dept when the wheels came off some of them.

Thank you Curiema Daniels and the Board for allowing me the space to hold staff and pupils accountable and for the enabling environment.

Yolanda Miller the Grade Head: thank you for your leadership. You did well my colleague. Proud of you.

My Boss Mr DV Naidoo and the curriculum pillar at the district office: thank you for not micro-managing us with compliance. We fly because you allow us to – and trust us.

This is my last matric class although i depart for my post as Director on 1 April only. I wish my successor well. H/she had better hit the ground running and PUT THE CHILDREN first. Love them but hold them accountable. They are our children. South Africa’s children.  There can be no compromise on standards of excellence. Mediocrity is like a snake that can slither in unannounced. REJECT IT. CUT OFF ITS HEAD. ATTACK IT. Embrace EXCELLENCE.

To my CLASS OF 2016: I am immensely proud of you. Go with God’s infinite grace. Much love.








In October 2016 the Grade 9s were tested by the WCED. The tests are different to the ANA’s and are called ‘Systemic Tests’.  I am pleased to announce the results:

Mathematics: 84 % passed the tests. Average = 65 %.

English Home Language: 99 % passed the tests. Average = 76 %. This equates to consistency over the previous years results.