Afrikaans First Additional Language

Afrikaans is widely spoken in South Africa and is one of the major official languages. Unlike many beliefs, it is the third most spoken mother tongue in the country with about 6 million speakers or 13.3 percent of the population.

Our main focus is to help our learners to communicate in Afrikaans. Great emphasis is placed on expanding their vocabulary and to give them more exposure to Afrikaans. Classroom activities are learner-centred, interactive and meaningful. The course consists of Language, Literature, Oral and Written work. We also endeavour to focus on the hidden curriculum where Listening, speaking and reading skills are not taught in isolation. It is about equipping our learners with life skills and a positive attitude towards life.

Afrikaans will be of great advantage to learners after school and in the work place. A good mark in Afrikaans First Additional Language in matric will help to ensure successful entry to any tertiary institution. It will also vital in any career path where communication is critical for success.