Business Studies

  1. Business Studies encompasses business principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth.
  2. A learner with creative thinking skills, a critical thinker, analytical skills, good organisational skills and problem solving skills will be an attribute to the subject. However, any learner interested in pursuing starting their own business venture or a career in Commerce. Reading Business newspapers would be an added bonus to know what’s happening in the corporate world.
  3. Subject covers a large/vast amount of content and a learner must be able to evaluate scenarios/ case studies on business challenges in corporate world.
  4. TOPICS FOR GRADE 10-12:
    • GRADE 10
      • Business Environments: Micro, Market and Macro
      • Business Sectors
      • Socio-economic issues
      • Social responsibility
      • Entrepreneurial qualities
      • Forms of ownership
      • Creative thinking and problem solving techniques
      • Contracts
      • Business opportunity and business location factors
      • Presentation of business information
      • Business plan
      • Self management
      • Teamwork
    •  GRADE 11
      • Business environments: influences and challenge
      • Socio-economic issues
      • Business sectors
      • Forms of ownership: Companies
      • Creative thinking and problem solving techniques
      • Stress and crisis management
      • Setting up a business: transforming a business plan to an action plan
      • Professionalism and ethics
      • Presentation of business information
      • Entrepreneurial qualities
      • Social responsibility
      • Marketing function
      • Production function
      • Team dynamics and conflict management
      • Human resources
    • GRADE 12
      • Macro environment: labour legislation
      • Human resources
      • Ethics and professionalism
      • Creative thinking
      • Management and leadership
      • Quality of performance
      • Investments
      • Insurance
      • Forms of ownership
      • Presentation of data/business information
      • Human rights, inclusivity and environmental issues
      • Corporate social responsibility
      • Business strategies
    • Careers in Human Resource Management, Business Management, Investments, Insurance industry, Finance Management, Retail Business Management, Operations Management, Banking, Business Analyst, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Public Relations, Labour Relations, etc.